Oikyo Linux has received it's first donation. Thanks to Glenn Elasic for the donation.




We requested for donation after we launched the Oikyo Linux 2 beta version. The donate option was not in our homepage, it was on the Oikyo 2 beta startpage. So only Oikyo Linux 2 Beta users was able to know about it. We made the news public after we launched our new website, in the same time we also uploaded the Oikyo Linux 2 final versions. Glenn Elasic send us a mail that he will try to donate after the final released. So we sent him a mail after the final version is released.


But the story doesn't ends here. We actually setted up the donation gateway wrong. But he helped us and tried several times to pay, and finally he we made the donation payment gateway to work.


Thank you Glenn Elasic, for the donation. Oikyo Linux is and always will be free of cost. So the donations actually help us to host the project and the best thing is it encourage us to continue working.

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