Make Pen Drive bootable with Oikyo Linux (using Linux)

oikyo to usb



In this tutorial We'll learn how to make a pen drive bootable with Oikyo Linux using a Linux distribution. This will require 3 things, an ISO file of Oikyo Linux, any software to make the pen drive bootable and a pen drive (4 GB minimum).


First we need the ISO file:




Then we need a software to make the pen drive bootable. Most of the Linux distributions come with some app preinstalled to do this. We will be using Startup Disk Creator that comes with Ubuntu, Oikyo Linux etc.

Start Startup Disk Creator from menu:

startup disk cretor in dash


Then browse to the ISO file, select the USB drive, erase the drive, and click in Make Startup Disk.

Startup Disk Creator


Now the pen drive will be bootable with Oikyo Linux 2. It'll take some time, till then, have a drink.

Startup Disk Creator - copying


At the end, you will be asked to enter your password to install the bootloader.

Startup Disk Creator authentricate


Startup Disk Creator Success


That's it! Now Oikyo Linux is ready to rock from your pen drive. You can have a test drive of Oikyo Linux and can install it to your computer from the pen drive.


Thanks for reading. Our next tutorial will be on installation of Oikyo Linux.


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